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War Camp: Videns

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War Camp: Videns

Post by Videns on Mon Jun 06, 2016 7:13 pm

Name: Videns
Age: 15
Height: 5'11
Weight: 11 stone
Personality: Videns is quite a tall, reugadly handsome, muscular looking male. He is quite tall for his age and has a fairly muscular body. His hair is a deep navy and his eyes, a crystal like Grey Azure colour. His eyes are as hard as his personality. Videns is usually quite distant with most poeple. He prefers to keep to himself, although when the time comes he is more than happy to team up with outhers, although he will avoid it where possible. Although Videns has a tough exterior, he does care for others. He cannot stand to see others get hurt or bullied and will often make it his business to step in for others. Videns likes to keep calm in any situation and does not see the point in panicking. This goes for combat style too. He likes to take the time to analyse the situation and act accordingly. Being the Son of the Water Goddess he is very skilled this. Videns does however take a break from being cold and hard when he comes into contact with water. Water relaxes him and reminds him of a happier time. Speaking of happier times, when he was a child he was taught how to sing, and as a result is a very good singer. That being said Videns rarely sings, but often hums.

Faceclaim: Chrom Fire Emblem
Species: Human
Weapon: Straight Sword

Power:  Hydrokenesis

Abilities: Hydrokenesis: Not being able to control all that much water, Videns can manipulate water, external or internal, although it is difficult as he is still learning how to do so. He can manipulate water up to 5 meters away and can only do strong damaging moves up to 10 foot away. Concentration is key with this ability. If it is broken Videns can no longer control the water.(1 Energy)

Uisce Coisricthe: By coming into direct contact with water, Videns can become rejuvenated body and mind. This will heal him of any small physical and mental wounds that have been inflicted upon him, but only very minor. (2 Energy)

Energy Max: 5


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