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War Camp: Arron Drazar

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War Camp: Arron Drazar

Post by Archangel Kimera on Sun May 29, 2016 8:34 pm

Name:Arron Drazar
Age: 15
Height: 5'9
Weight: 125
Personality: Arron is a very quiet person but still has been known to become a cocky person once he becomes comfortable with the people around him. Aaron has a very short temper and has gotten suspended multiple times from school for fighting with students who have made fun of him or just he doesn't like. Aaron knows a boy named Cassidy and they often get paired together for combat simulations. He beleives the counselours get a kick out of it because their fathers are brothers. Him being the son of The God ofd Beasts,Canavar, and Cassidies father the Light God,tuluku. They don't really talk to eachother unless they are on the same team and even then they still argue and tend to fight though be it small fights. Whenever Arron got mad about people messing with him his more wolfish features start to pop up such as his ears and his teeth extend and as a result he got more bullied and called a freak.
Species: Human/Wolf Hybrid


Hunting Instinct: (1 energy) Arron taps into a very limited supply of his energy to increase his speed and sense of smell slightly, allowing him to track his enemies if they attempt to to run.

Primal Instincts: (3 energy) Arron uses alot of his energy to increase his physical abilities and his physical strength, Relying on his animal instincts in a fight if he enters a fight but after he uses this ability it takes a considerable amount of energy to sustain the ability.

Weapon of Choice: Tomahawk


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