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War Camp: Zorux Revoc

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War Camp: Zorux Revoc

Post by JibrailA on Sun May 29, 2016 1:49 pm

Name : Zorux Revoc

Age : 17
Height : 6'2
Weight : 205

Personality : Zorux is an often quiet person around people and figures he is alien to. He loves reading books and learning new things about the mysterious world around him. He often plays sports, mainly football, which adapts him to be quick on his feet, despite his clumsy manner because of his height and weight. Besides football, Zorux practices becoming a heavy wield samurai in his local village. He is a very determined person, when he sets his mind on something it is near impossible for him to not achieve. This plays in his strength, he is a very medium set person with muscle, but appears not to get into any fights he doesn't want. He is a mildly defensive person, but with such defense comes a weakness, realization and manuverability. Zorux is a very analytical person qued in with his fast multitasking personality. He is self-strategist sometimes leaving his friends and allies behind on the things he is planning or is expecting.  

Species : Human

Weapon of choice : Heavy Tachi (Slow manuverability)

Power: Metal Mimicry

Weakness : Immense heat, electricity, acid/corrosion.


Iron fist : (1 energy)
By utilizing strength Zorux can shift his fist into iron, with a slow swing but far from normal hit. "He can break titanium itself!"

Steel wall : (3 energy)
By using just about all the power and will to keep pushing Zorux forward, he forms a mediocre, thick, steel armor around himself lasting for 5 minutes, greatly improving strength and defense, but slowing down manuverablility.  such a strategy can be formed to take aggro of the current enemy. [Wall can be taken advantage of by friends/allies.]

Main stats (The extra shit)
Def : 8/10
Str : 7/10
Spd : (Out of armor) 6/10
Spd : (In armor) 3/10

Description (Credit to Jet Valentine)
Made from a metal... So Cliche It's Stronger than Titanium and More flexible than the fucking Fantastic Four Group Leader... Comes a hero from the depths of his mom's basement... Zorux Revoc, and the Reject Avengers. He will Fight... He will not give up... He will find the villain of yet another superhero team movie... That will have such good marketing... It'll sound like the next big Batman V. Superman blockbuster... But really, it's worse  than 'Attack of the Killer Refrigerator'... Yet you'll go watch it because you happen to want to watch it since the marketing fooled you... And you, customer... Will make a fake review for us to get good ratings... And WE STILL WON'T PAY YOU... He will destroy his story's main villain... Which is a low-budget pillow... Named Pete, The Stereotypical Pillow. THE END. (Buy your tickets on Fandango)


His heavy Tachi


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