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War Camp: Cassidy Silverwing

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War Camp: Cassidy Silverwing

Post by Alpha Tortoise on Sun May 29, 2016 1:48 pm

Name: Cassidy Silverwing
age: 15
Height: 5'3
weight: 87 Ibs
Personality: Cassidy or 'Cass' is very sneaky and small, he is light and agile being able to run quietly and fast. Cass is occasionally known to be arrogant, he also is pretty cocky in terms of battle, Cassidy can easily get on people's nerves, he seems to make a lot of jokes now and then as well, his arrogance can be one of his downfalls as well, overall he is a competent fighter and he is pretty skilled. Cassidy also LOVES stealing, he can pick pocket, pick locks , and break into places and escape with ease, Despite the stealing and arrogance Cassidy is sweet on the inside. Cassidy knows Arron briefly after meeting now and there, in team battles an combat actiivies they are often paired and they tend to argue with each other A LOT. Being a fox, Cassidy is naturally really fast and a smart quick thinker. Cass is the Desendent of Tuluku, the Fox god of Light

Species: Fox/Human Hybrid.
Power: Photokinesis

Light Generation (1 energy) Cassidy can generate light from his hands, this light progressivly gets brighter as he gets stronger. When Cassidy uses this light a small white and gold orb will form in his hand, this orb will illuminate everyhting around it in a 10ft range

Light bending: (2 energy) Cassidy can bend light around himself and other objects, it takes Cassidy more energy to bend the light rays depending on the object, if hes bending ligh around a huge object for example he will not be able to accomplish this task to sucsessfully bend the light around the object, the bigger the object the more Cassidy struggles. When he bends light around objects, basically you can't see them, since we see with light, and since the light is bended around it, it becomes invisible.

Light Blasts (3 energy): Cassidy is mastering this ability, he cannot fully control it, Cass spends a long period of time concentrating and charging a ball of light in which will give off a destructive powerful blast, he currently cannot control this ability to an extent to aim the beam effectively.

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