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War camp: Introduction

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War camp: Introduction

Post by Alpha Tortoise on Sat May 28, 2016 10:36 pm

The introduction of the RP is as follows:

At first there was void which existed parallel with our dimension. The actions of the creatures causing energies to eventually enter it and thus destroying void. However upon its destruction it changed by it's very nature gaining a sentient mind simply known as the creator.As it started the creator was amass with powers of every variety but soon his reign began to bore him however he feared what would happen should he perish.In order to prevent this he estimated his mind would die in a few eons and thus decided to create two shells which would house his conciousness. As he predicted madness was overcoming him and time for the plan he forged soon arrived. He destroyed himself and filled the two shells with his mind and thus created the first two gods. The two were given one thing he did not plan however, they had a innert drive to create, to shape and to give life.The two gods could only create, and not destroy. As such the two began creating the races as we know them. However the more they created the more their arrogance grew and one fell under the influence of the emotions leaking out of the creatures they had created. His mind became clouded with earthly desires and so he saught that which all humans want by nature ... power. To achieve this he descended onto terra and began making his reign absolute. As he was under the influence of earthly desire his throne would be paved with decadence, greed and debauchery. Seeing his brothers mind rot away the other brother set down onto terra aswell to try and bring reason however he too wished for power. And thus the two had their argument most refer to as the war in the hevens. This lead to devestation across the land as each thought they were the one to control and rightfully rule. Their time on earth however had an interesting side effect, they became mortal however, they could only be killed or harmed  by the hands of those originaly mortal. And so they raised armies to kill eachother and in doing so take power.
They did not succeede however and died before they could realize their plans. In a confrontations one succeeded in killing the other with a descendant however in doing so killed himself as they were held together by the same mind. Even so they were divine beings in the end and foresaw this creating descendants with fragments of their power to control each an aspect of life to lead generations onward in hopes of having their "empires" blossom once in the future. A final gesture, a final demand. From there, war has been raging on for centuries, the desendents of the two almighty powerful gods, were in charge of the war camp, in charge of training the demi-gods to fufill the legacy of their ansectors that fought in the war once before, in this camp they will learn to survive and learn to contoral and utilize there power more efficiently, these desendents will have to defeat and battle divine creatures with power never seen before, they will have to wage war with other desendents, only one side will remain in the end. ( Remember, our characters are rookies, they are beginners they are being trained by the current descendent of the two creator gods to master there ability to help fight against the others ).

That pretty much sums it up, now onto the character sheets

i recommend doing your first draft on titanpad, and having it accepted by me on titanpad and then post

Species: (Hybrid Human/Animal)
Abilities: (you can only have 2-3 abilities)

Energy Max: 5 (as the rp progresses, your abilities will get stronger and get more of an energy cost, however your energy max will get bigger)

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Re: War camp: Introduction

Post by Orangeinkling on Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:26 pm

Name: Torume
Age: 17 years
Height: 6 ft. 1in.
Weight: 134 Lbs.
Personality: quiet, calm usually , in pain... Agressive and unpredictable
Faceclaim: ...
Species: Squid/human hybrid
Weapon: shield and ink.
Power: Ink manipulation
Abilities: He can use ink he has carried with him or splatted around the area to create a short sword (.32 energy per second) cover his shield in ink to allow him to throw it like a bommerang (.62 energy per use) and when he's in extreme pain and has reached his limit, a sort of last resort which increases his ink's density to 1.5x it's norm and can be identified by a change in his personality (Uses all remaining energy, time it last depends on how much energy is left over, all other energy cost are still active when this ability is active) if he has not ended the battle within that time he is forced to use his shield as his only method of defence.

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